After almost 20 years Aaliyah and DMX can meet again now, your mother Diane Haughton says in a touching tribute to her late daughter’s friend after his recent death.

The rapper, who starred with the R&B singer in the 2000 film Romeo Must Die, worked with her on a single for her soundtrack and honored her in her posthumous video “Miss You” from 2002, which was released on Friday April 9th ​​died at the age of 50. DMX was born Earl Simmonshad been hospitalized for days after a heart attack.

“Earl, you had and still have a heart of gold,” wrote Diane on Aaliyah’s Instagram page. “You and Baby Girl will meet again with all the beautiful people we have lost. Will never forget your kindness. NEVER! Blessings to your family! Forever! – Aaliyah’s mother.”

DMX is the first and last person to appear in the music video for Aaliyah’s song “Miss You,” released a year after she died in an August 2001 plane crash at the age of 22. begins with giving a touching speech in honor of the singer.