Alec Baldwin claps back over the criticism of Baby # 6

Alec Baldwin finished Twitter after failing to appreciate the response to his last post.

The actor went to Instagram on Wednesday March 3 to share a video stating that he deleted his Twitter account earlier in the day based on the response to his tweet Gillian Anderson “Change accents.” This follows the scandal surrounding his wife Hilaria BaldwinCultural heritage in the face of a Twitter thread that went viral in December.

“I wanted to put out a short video to say that I disabled my Twitter account today,” Alec said in the new footage. He didn’t name Gillian by name, but explained about his perceived excavation: “I just wrote: ‘Oh, that’s interesting.’ And of course you can no longer do irony on Twitter – you can no longer do irony in the US because the US is like that [an] tense, stressed place and such an uncomfortable place right now. “

The star pointed out that he is a “big fan” of Gillian and had no intention of offending her, just saying that when people are influenced by multiple cultures, “that’s your business”.