Black lives count.

They are words that you have undoubtedly seen all over the internet. A simple phrase that directly means that blacks’ lives matter. That they need to be protected, valued, respected, not systematically targeted or destroyed.

An idea that is so simple, yet one of the most talked about at dining tables, on news panels, and on your social media feeds where answers like “All life matters” are discussed.

What is it about of course? All lives do and should play a part, but it is the blacks who are historically under attack, like the death of George Floyd made painfully clear again last summer.

Many a metaphor has been used to illustrate this. In a 2019 Harper’s Bazaar play called “Why You Need to Stop Saying” All Lives Matter “- an academic, writer, and lecturer Rachel Cargle explained, “If a patient who was rushed to the emergency room after an accident should point to their mutilated leg and say, ‘This is important now,’ and the doctor saw the scratches and bruises in other areas and countered, ‘But everything. ” Of you it is important, ‘There would be no question why he is not urgently helping to support what is most at risk? “