Britney Spears‘Freund speaks about her conservatory and mental health in light of the recently released documentary episode.

Following the FX documentaries, the New York Times Presents will air its episode “Framing Britney Spears” on February 5th. Sam Asghari posted a statement to People to express their hopes for their future and to thank fans for sending congratulations.

“I always wanted the best for my significant other and will continue to support her in following her dreams and creating the future she wants and deserves,” the statement said. “I am grateful for all the love and support she has received from her fans around the world and I look forward to a normal, amazing future together.”

The harrowing episode focused on the situation surrounding the 39-year-old music superstar who was under the supervision of the father Jamie Spears since 2008, which means he has legal control over their personal and financial decisions. Despite the burgeoning #FreeBritney movement, a judge denied Britney’s motion to remove Jamie from the Conservatory in November 2020.