Chloe Trautman clears up rumors about her status on Siesta Key. E! News learned that she left the show.

The reality star took part in her Instagram story on Sunday January 17th, announcing that she is pulling out of the MTV series without a script because it has become “extremely toxic”.

She posted a quote attributed to the @spiritualbear account that read, “Make people hungry for you. Be unavailable from time to time, you focus on your s – t.”

Chloe herself wrote: “Me [cannot] Stand to see these lies spread further. I wasn’t fired. I decided to take a step back from filming because it became extremely toxic. I am not ready to risk my journey and my luck for fame and money. “

The series’ original cast member did not specify what type of toxicity it was referring to, but claimed that the issues will be clear once the upcoming fourth season airs.

“You will all have clarity when the show goes on air,” she continued. “Now please stop telling lies.”