Someone comes for it Chris Evans, we think he’s lost Lizzo‘s DMs – again.

Yes, our favorite duo is back with some damn good content. The newest? Well, the Grammy winner posted a TikTok pretending to be pregnant with Captain America’s baby. “This is something I’ve really tried to keep personal and private, just between myself and my child’s father,” she said. “But since we started spreading rumors today, I’ve gotten involved. We’re going to have a little bit of America.”

And, it turns out, Chris took a DNA test – and he’s 100 percent the father of that fake baby. When Lizzo returned to TikTok on Aug. 2, she shared what appeared on her Instagram direct messages. “Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joys, ”he wrote with a laughing emoji. “My mom will be so happy lol.”

Then he added, “(Just don’t promise me parties that reveal the gender lol).”

Well Lizzo is out here breaking free, this news is to blame. “Guess which beasts ?!” she wrote to her 17.1 million followers. “We have secured the child benefit pocket !!!!!!”