DemiFortune fell dramatically and then rose, um, during the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

On Monday 23 August, the alum from Colton UnderwoodThe season officially made its grand entrance in Mexico, with a date card in tow. Ultimately, she decided to invite Brendan, much too Natasha‘s annoyance, although Brendan made it clear in the middle of the date that maybe he shouldn’t have gone with Demi after all.

After a flirtatious date with jet skis and slides, the couple enjoyed a kiss, which led Demi to tell the standout about Tayshia Adams‘Bachelorette season that she “would love to do this to you every day.” Brendan immediately stepped on the brakes, responding that he “obviously talked to other girls and formed certain things with other girls”. Ouch.

“I feel like I’ve just been rejected,” Demi told the camera. “I’ll do whatever I can to take you on a fun date and do all that stuff with you, make out with you, have fun with you, and then you’ll say, ‘Oh, I still … want my options keep open ‘? My ego is very hurt right now. “