The Grammy nominee also gave a glimpse of how her recovery continues to affect her daily life.

“It’s difficult to live with on a daily basis,” she said. “The thing about overcoming my addiction, my drug addiction, was because I don’t have to, I can walk away from it and never touch it for the rest of my life. I never have to do that. But I have to eat three times a day. That is something I’ll be with for the rest of my life. I left that yogurt shop and didn’t get the yogurt I wanted. And then I had the rest of the weekend hard to be completely transparent. ”

However, Demi admitted she hadn’t handled the situation well and said, “I’ve definitely jumped to conclusions and probably shouldn’t have done it the way I did.” Even so, she’s still ready to have a discussion with business to “get the news right”.

Apologizing for getting the “news” wrong and for “disappointing” some people, she added, “I got into a situation that didn’t really suit me. What I don’t like is the way things are done how it was interpreted and how the message was misinterpreted across all of this. “

See their full explanation above which includes a triggering warning.