Dionne Warwick got some beef with Lady Whistledown, and she’ll beat for us all.

Perhaps no one was more disappointed than the Queen of Twitter Regé-Jean page does not return for Bridgerton’s second season. (Yes, we are dejected).

Dionne expressed deep disappointment that our reigning internet friend will no longer appear on the Netflix series, which means we can no longer hear Simon saying “I’m on fire for you” to Daphne, except maybe at SNL.

On Friday April 2nd, the “Heartbreaker” singer tweeted, “No @regejean! You can’t leave me like this. I will NOT have it!”

She followed up with “I call for a withdrawal @bridgerton !!!! I need to hear this message directly from @regejean if this is true,” along with a series of unimpressed emojis.

Dionne, 80, had an audio message addressing Lady Whistledown directly. You can hear the Grammy winner say, “Now tell me you’re lying about the letter you just wrote? About mine, uh, it can’t go. No way! I won’t have it. And I want to that he knows. ” I want you to know. So I want you to retract what I just read, OK? I’m serious. I need to hear from him, from his mouth, OK? Thank you. ”