A former Disney star was among those who gathered on Thursday, August 12th to criticize the mask mandate in a school district in Franklin, Tennessee.

Leigh-Allyn Baker, who starred as Amy Duncan in the Disney Channel’s Good Luck Charlie, spoke ahead of the Williamson County’s Education Committee meeting to foil the mask protocol. The mandate ended anyway, causing heckling from protesters, according to NBC News.

“My name is Leigh-Allyn Baker and I am a California refugee,” said the 49-year-old star in viral footage. “I gave up everything there: a really successful Hollywood career, TV shows. I gave up everything to have the freedom to come to this friendly place in Tennessee and be greeted with open arms, and I love it here.”

She continued, “I wanted to tell you that I have two children with Vax injuries and they have medical exemptions after the seizures and hospitalizations after all of their vaccinations. I was obviously granted a medical exemption. “