Gwen Stefani isn’t about admitting when she might be wrong.

The 51-year-old singer, who recently joined TikTok, went to her Instagram story on Thursday February 4th to reply to a fan who didn’t seem to love her recent content on the platform.

“I love to watch celebrities completely fail tiktok,” commented the user on one of her videos. “Dear Gwen, she is incredibly buuuuut.”

For her part, Gwen admitted that she doesn’t necessarily disagree with the individual, and she added a seemingly accidental typographical error that further clarified her point of view.

“Thanks for calling me, you are right !!!” the No doubt Singer replied. “TickTock is not for me, but help yourself with my music and enjoy it !! Wait … am I a celebrity?”

Kudos to Gwen for enjoying the answer by jokingly asking if she is worth calling a “celebrity”. (You’d better think she’s worth it.) And maybe her spelling of “TickTock” was an ironic choice too.