JoJo added, “I think it’s so untraditional and it’s amazing.”

For the young star, it is as if she has “already won” the competition because she shows same-sex couples on screen.

“I’ve got so many good things out of this show and history came from that experience,” JoJo reflected. “My partner and I, we both want to win the Spiegelball, of course, that’s what we’re all for. But at the same time we have to work really hard for it. I’m judged a lot harder because I’m a dancer.”

JoJo also drew on her real life experiences from her former Dance Moms troupe, led by Abby Lee Miller, as executive producer of her film The J Team. “Of course, if you watch the whole film, you’ll hear that there are some funny lines and funny innuendos that might lead you to think that,” said JoJo of Abby’s influence.