Love is in the air!

Cardi B. and husband Offset were among many stars who celebrated Valentine’s Day early in 2021. The rap couple marked the holiday early on the weekend with an outing with their 2-year-old daughter Culture to a tropical place.

As they entered their resort suite, they were greeted by the sight of multiple containers of red, pink and white roses, giant teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons. In addition, the couple’s bed was decorated with heart-shaped red rose petals. Cardi posted videos of the festive decor on her Instagram story on Saturday February 12th.

“You did that? You did that? You did that for me?” Cardi asked Offset, to which he replied, “I did this for you.”

Cardi added, “You did that for me. Well, I don’t even know what to say.”

The rapper “Up” recently sparked controversy over a Valentine’s Day tweet that said, “Men deserve to get a gift for Valentine’s Day too, but the gift has to be cheaper than the gift for girls. So if he gives you flowers buys that you buy him grass. “