So, yes, you could say Stiles regrets it.

While neither of them are concerned with signing up for the 2001 project, she inadvertently auditioned while filming 10 things I hate about you, her 40-second table dance at Bogey Lowenstein’s party director Thomas Carter With enough material to convince him, she was able to take on the role of aspiring Juilliard ballerina Sara. “I didn’t know it was my audition,” she joked, “but apparently it was.”

And while the longtime dancer was out to train one-on-one with Johnson (“I thought, ‘Yeah, I’d love to get private dance classes!'”), It was the story of Sara – uprooted from her suburban existence and walking in an downtown Chicago school where the charming future doctor Derek gave her a crash course in hip-hop and racial inequality – which got her into those pointe shoes.

“I was really happy that we were able to sneak into an otherwise youthful dance film in larger editions,” explained Stiles. “This subject makes it more nervous or different than your average dance movie. You still get the entertainment, but something bigger is going on. And it opened my eyes to a lot of perspectives that I had never really considered before, which I did think pretty cool. “