Amid the reports that came in when Kobe’s life was examined from every angle – the high highs and career-threatening lows, the triumphant and tumultuous, his formidable abilities and his all-too-human errors – came an ESPN segment that stood out particularly in the midst of it all others, one who paid tribute to an aspect of Kobe’s life that both highlighted his best qualities and with which countless people could actually identify.

I remember meeting Kobe backstage at an event when she was eight months pregnant You Duncan told how he immediately asked her how far she was and what she had. When Duncan told him she had a girl, he high five her and gushed, “Girls are the best!” She asked if he had any advice, and Kobe said to her, “Just be grateful you received this gift because girls are amazing.”

When asked if he wanted to have more children, the father of only three daughters at the time said this woman Vanessa Bryant was ready to try again because maybe they would finally have a boy. When asked what he would do if he became a father to four girls, Kobe said to Duncan, “I would have five more girls if I could. I am a girl father.” (Parents of Natalia, Gigi and BiancaKobe and Vanessa greeted the daughter capri in June 2019.)

With tears in his eyes, the host signed off and said, “When I think about this tragedy and the half hour I spent with Kobe Bryant two years ago, I think the only little source of comfort for me is that knowing that he died doing what he loved most – being a father, being a girl. ”