And so he did, and gave Ledward several opportunities to share her truth about the bitterness of it all.

Accepted it on his behalf during the Critics’ Choice Awards in March, admitting, “For those of us who know Chad – intimately, personally, professionally, those he taught, those he advised, those who taught him – is it? It’s so hard to find a solemn feeling in these moments, as proud as we are of him. “

In conclusion, she cites a Greek proverb: “‘Societies grow big when old men plant trees in the shade of which they know they will never sit.” And our society may be far from great, but I know that the seeds you sown will grow into forests. “

Then it went to the NAACP Image Awards, the scene of her tender moment just two years earlier, where she used the platform to remind black people to take care of their health and, when they are at least 45 years old, to get examined let colon cancer. A disease that is “defeatable,” said Ledward, as long as it is recognized early enough.

Boseman is “an unusual artist and an even more unusual person,” she said. “But the way we lost him is not at all unusual. Not in our community … Don’t put it off any longer, please allow yourself to be examined. Please, you are so needed and so loved. Please take Your health in your own hands. “