Fans learn more about Dustin Diamondlast moments.

The actor died on Monday February 1st at the age of 44. He was surrounded by loved ones, with his representative, Roger Pauland tell E! Messages Dustin’s girlfriend Tash Jules and his friend Dan Block were both on the side of Saved By the Bell alum when he died. The spokesman said Dustin’s father Mark Diamond, also saw him before Dustin’s death.

Dustin’s death came less than three weeks after fans learned he had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. His representative cited carcinoma as the cause of death.

According to Roger, Dustin had “a lump on his neck” that he ignored. “He was afraid of [the] The public reacted and paid attention to him when he had it checked, “the representative continued.” Tash, his girlfriend, is a pharmaceutical salesman and took him to the doctor. She was an absolute angel who helped towards the end. “

During his brief cancer battle, the star remained optimistic. “Dustin was scared but tried to stay positive even when death was staring him in the face,” added Roger. “He always tried to be positive towards the end and make people laugh.”