Jennifer Lopez is not about to give up her “El Anillo” because of a few whispers about a certain Bravolebrity.

In case you missed it, Southern Charm Star Madison LeCroy was recently accused by a castmate of cheating on then-boyfriend Austen Kroll with a former MLB star. The baseball player’s identity was a mystery until rumors began to circulate that J.Los was engaged Alex Rodriguez, was on the receiving end of Madison’s FaceTime calls and Instagram DMs.

Character colleague on February 3rd Danni Baird addressed the hot topic during an appearance on the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast.

“When you heard it was possibly A-Rod,” host Kate Casey Danni asked: “Were you like ‘What? What happened to our show? Where are we in the world? What’s going on?'”

The reality TV star replied, “I had heard months earlier [Madison] had told me they were facetiming or something and I just assumed. I never asked about that or anything again. So I just forgot. It just didn’t fit with being a major league baseball player. “