Kristen Hayes still has a hard time recognizing this late husband Jimmy Hayes won’t hug her again.

Two days after the late NHL player’s funeral in the Boston area, Kristen took to Instagram to share a heartbreaking tribute to the athlete who was found dead on August 23 at the age of 31 under as-yet-uncertain circumstances.

“I miss your arms wrapped around me today,” said Kristen on her post on Wednesday September 1st, which contained two pictures of the couple embracing. “Still thinking [you’re] return home.”

Kristen raising her sons Beau, 2 and Mac, 3 months, announced that her eldest son is having difficulty understanding the situation.

“Beau runs to the door every time it beeps, hoping it’s you,” she continued in the caption. “Gosh, that’s hard. I miss you so much.”

On Monday, August 30th, Kristen reached out to attendees at the funeral, reminding them that her husband had been “simply the best” for three years, according to People.