Justin New Years Eve is on the mend.

The Daily Pop co-host is recovering from a recent emergency surgery that resulted in his being no longer on the E! Morning show in the last few days. Justin shared an update with fans on his Instagram on Tuesday April 13th.

“A lot of people have asked me where the hell are you? Why aren’t you on #DailyPop?” The truth is, about 10 days ago I checked into the hospital for a (semi-emergency but minor) surgery [SIC] 8 hours check-in) “wrote the E! Personality today.” I can say it was a success! My doctor assured me that I will be ready to take on my Shot Girl Summer duties, which I take VERY SERIOUSLY! She said with lots of ice cream, ibuprofen and rest – I’ll be ‘twerkin’ in no time (her exact words aren’t mine)! ”