Katharine McPhee is not stressed about returning to her pre-pregnancy body.

“I thought I was going to have this pressure [to bounce back] But I was just so grateful and happy that I had a healthy baby and felt really good emotionally and physically, “said the Smash star, who just welcomed her first child and husband David Foster explained to people in February. “I’m so happy that I haven’t got this crazy pressure to fit into the jeans I have in my closet yet.”

The American Idol alum added, “I don’t even think about her right now! In my daily life there would be an event coming up or I would need to exercise and it’s just very nice to take a break and be happy where I am.”

Katharine, who has spoken about her battle with an eating disorder in the past, shared with Dr. Berlin’s podcast on informed pregnancy previously announced that body image issues were a struggle during her pregnancy.

“I’ve felt very stable for the last four or five years in my life and my weight has been a bit more consistent,” said the 36-year-old on March 1st, really shocking and disturbing and worrying to me because I was out of this first trimester suddenly became so obsessed with food. “

While Katharine is now more comfortable in her own skin, she and her husband deal with the ups and downs of life with a new baby. The two had to talk about how much information to share about their little name Rennie David Foster. David apparently wasn’t thrilled when his wife revealed their son’s name on the Today show.