Lana Condor becomes real about her sudden fame.

During an interview with SELF magazine published on Feb.2, the actress recalled that she wasn’t in the best of mind after the success of the 2018 Netflix movie, To All the Boys I Loved Before Space was.

“I only said yes to everything because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you want to benefit from it and have the feeling that you are taking it all in,” the 23-year-old admitted. “But I’ve never felt so horrible mentally. I was so burned out. I would go home at night and not speak. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I would shake, go to bed and shiver.” Wake up because it was just so much stimulation. “

Fortunately for Lana, she had an amazing support system in her five year old boyfriend during this time Anthony De La Torre.

“Anthony – every night or every morning – folds my PJs and tucks them under my pillow so I don’t have to look for them,” she explained. “That’s the greatest expression of love for me. It’s so much better than, I don’t know. A hot air balloon.”