It’s monitored with Lisa Vanderpump premiere night!

Lisa Vanderpump stopped by E! News’ Daily Pop Today March 18th for full details on their new E! Serial and DP innkeeper Kym Whitley I couldn’t help but rave about their experiences that came up on Overserved later this season.

“I’m telling you it’s fantastic to be overwhelmed with Lisa Vanderpump,” said Kym. “First of all, I just want to say, Lisa Vanderpump, I know you see her all on TV and all of you say, ‘Oh, look at her, she’s as rich as all of this.’ When I tell you she’s one of the worst and coolest people I go to this amazing house. First she has two big old swans greeting you at the door. But we had so much fun and her daughter my god Pandora. “

LVP stated, “We really wanted people to come to party because we were in isolation for nine months. I really hadn’t seen anyone at all. Our restaurants were all closed, it was a pretty sad situation.”