Lourdes Leon is the face of a new fashion campaign, and the photos exude the same rebellious spirit that has long been her mother’s trademark. Madonna.

The 24-year-old model rocks long red hair and matching red nails in photos for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2021 campaign, which was released on Tuesday February 16. In one picture, Lourdes, also by Lola, wears a floral top with striped socks in rainbow colors, while another look features a sparkling bra, brightly colored headdress and trainers.

“Marc has a long history with Madonna and so it only made sense for us to use Lola as the face of the campaign as she perfectly captures the youthful spirit and uncompromising sense of individuality that are central to this younger expression of the brand embodied. ” the company stated in the press release.

Lourdes, the oldest of Madonna’s six children, posted a series of photos on her Instagram and added the caption, “MARCMYWORDSsssssssssss TY @marcjacobs”. She also tagged several others who were involved in the filming.