We accepted the fact that nobody is safe on The Walking Dead.

However, when we go into Part A of Season 11 and Final Tonight, August 22nd, we will worry about our favorite characters. So in an exclusive chat with the longtime Walking Dead star Melissa McBride, we asked bluntly: Can viewers expect a lot of bloodshed this season?

“I think you should always be concerned about your darlings,” she laughed to E! News. “Even I worry about her.”

Of course, in typical TWD fashion, McBride couldn’t say much about what’s to come as spoilers are strictly under lock and key at AMC. However, we are confident about the fate of McBride’s character Carol. Why? Well, because AMC has announced a spin-off set for 2023 with McBride and Co-Star Norman Reedusplaying the crossbow wielding Daryl.

While we certainly look forward to this new series, McBride has made it clear that it will focus on this final chapter of The Walking Dead.