Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey’s relationship schedule

To the Michael B. Jordan and Lori HarveyLife sometimes resembles a fairy tale film.

Valentine’s Day, for example, seemed to have been torn straight out of a rom-com for this Hollywood couple. In honor of the Holiday of Love, the 34-year-old actor kidnapped the 24-year-old model for a marine-themed evening at an aquarium Jordan rented out for the couple to enjoy a private tour. The visit ended with an intimate multi-course dinner served by Nobu in a tunnel with a huge aquarium.

However, the night had only just begun for the couple. Harvey also shared footage of what appeared to be a hotel suite with bouquets of flowers and lighted candles that she shot around the living room, as well as arrangements and petals of red roses dotted around the bedroom and bathroom.

That was not all – Jordan also surprised her with the unique gift. “The best gift ever,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “Baby bought me shares in Hermes.” Needless to say, this Valentine’s Day date belonged in a movie.