In a Facebook post, Pushpika claimed Caroline injured her when she removed the crown. In the same post, she made it clear that she is not divorced but is currently separated from her husband.

As a result of the incident on the stage, Caroline, as well as model Chula Padmendrawere arrested on April 8th for simple injury and criminal charges. Since then, both have been released on bail.

An April 5 press release from Ms. World Inc. said the organization asked Caroline to apologize. The statement read: “We are deeply concerned and sincerely regret the conduct of our current defending champion, Ms. Caroline Jurie, Ms. World 2020, at the coronation. Her actions are in violation of the Sri Lankan Code of Conduct and the rules she has established while committed We will review the above incident and, based on the outcome of our assessment, take any action we deem appropriate. “