Rachel Bradshaw didn’t necessarily want to become a reality TV star.

Indeed as the daughter of Terry Bradshaw Revealed in the Feb. 8 episode of Get Real with Caroline Hobby, she was “utterly appalled” when E! ‘s documentaries The Bradshaw Bunch – the legendary quarterback, TV show icon, actor, and master horse breeder and family – follow as they blended fame and farm life, they took shape.

At that time Rachel tried to adjust to a “normal life” after the tragic death of her husband Tennessee Titans Kicker Rob Bironasand had moved to Texas from Nashville to give up the singing career she had pursued for years.

“Then my dad gets a call and says, ‘Hey girls, Tammy, do you want to have a family feud?'” The 33-year-old recalled on the podcast. “My immediate thing is, ‘I don’t want to be on TV. I don’t want to do anything in the entertainment world. Fuck it. I’m not going back.'”

However, Terry said something like, “Rachel, it’s Celebrity Family Feud. It’s not like asking you to be in a movie,” and she got the idea.