The former Bachelorette star openly criticized the show’s decision to broadcast the personal chat. “Who’s got the green light on this question? If you have an affiliate diversity advisor that you keep telling us about, and I even praised the fact that you had it, why do things like this still happen?” She asked. “The more things change, the more they stay the same, and if the Bachelor franchise showed us something, they don’t know how to protect people with color. They just know how to exploit them. They just know how they act wrong. ” Situations in which they come to the race. They have shown us that over and over again. America should never have shown that. “

Rachel admitted that Matt’s conversation with his father might have been necessary, but that didn’t mean the audience had to join in too. “This was a conversation that should have been for Matt only, not the rest of the world,” she said. “It shows that you don’t care about your candidates, especially those of color – the fact that you were more willing to take advantage of him and stereotypes within the black community for what you would call ‘good television’. ”

The former reality TV star also questioned how that conversation was aired while the franchise, including the host, continued to address issues of inclusion and diversity Chris HarrisonRecent problematic comments to Rachel about the candidate Rachael Kirkconnell. “I know Matt was uncomfortable with that conversation,” Rachel said, “and that it was going to be aired.”

The situation was a reminder of why she continued to demand that people of color be included in the franchise decision-making process. “That’s why I keep going back to it – you have to have someone of color in the decision-making room,” she urged. “If I had been there, absolutely not.”