Bosworth’s performance as aspiring professional surfer Anne Marie was her breakthrough role, with the actress later starring in Win a Date With Tad Hamilton !, Beyond the Sea (as a real-life singer) Sandra Dee) and Superman Returns (as the fictional journalist Lois Lane).

The 38-year-old later turned to smaller projects and starred in a number of indie films including Straw Dogs, Still Alice, Before I Wake and The Domestics.

In a 2019 Instagram post, Bosworth talked about her intense training for the film, writing, “I often get comments about my body in Blue Crush that are the result of an intense, highly effective, but short-lived physique. You know? I trained 7 hours a day? ”

But she would still be ready to do a sequel and teased during the video chat with her co-stars last year, “I’m going to risk my life again.

Bosworth married Michael Polish, a film director she met in 2011 while working on Big Sur at a cottage-style wedding in Montana in August 2013. The couple announced they would split in August, but in their joint statement shared their intention to stay in each other’s lives.

“In the process of letting go, we realized that our love will never end,” the couple wrote on Instagram. “The connection doesn’t just go away. Love deepens, the heart expands … We laugh as we plan our next film together and are happy to share our latest collaboration.”