Few people can be chic all their lives, just ask Victoria Beckham.

On Tuesday March 9th, the fashion designer picked up her Instagram story to give Kim Kardashian the genteel approval. Victoria shared a look back at the beauty mogul from her school days.

Pictured in the photo is the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star rocking a Posh Spice-inspired outfit while others dress up around her Baby spice, Creepy spice, Sporty spice and ginger.

Victoria has titled the photo “The perfect Posh! @Kimkardashian” next to the emoji with the hand making the peace sign.

When Kim first shared the epic picture on Thanksgiving Day 2015, she declared her love for the 90s girl group.

“I’m so grateful that me and my friends were the Spice Girls for our high school talent show!” Kim wrote. “The Spice Girls got me through a lot! #ForeverThankful. “

She even gave Victoria a special greeting on another social media photo at the time, writing, “I’m grateful for Posh Spice too! #HighSchoolTalentShow.” To which the Briton said: “Genius! X vb.”