The title didn’t roll off your tongue, but the sweet story of three drag performers stranded in a small town in Nebraska where some heads don’t want to be opened is enchanting and absolutely relevant.

“The first time I heard of [the movie]I knew I wanted to be there, “wrote Swayze, who played the matriarchal Vida Boheme, in his 2009 memoir, The Time of My Life.” It would be an incredible challenge to transform myself into a compelling woman and a man Drag would really stretch me. “

It was 1995, and multiple sources said Yahoo! Entertainment 20 years later, a number of Hollywood stars – out Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr. to John Cusack and Willem Dafoe– agreed to screen testing in Drag for the part of Vida that was cast afterwards John Leguizamo and Wesley Snipes had signed up.

“I just killed Patrick Swayze growing up in Redneck Texas, choreographing a mom and trying to figure out who I was,” Swayze later told The Attorney. “I just took this life and made it into a boy who had feminine tendencies all his life and discovered that he was. I found it very easy to identify with Vida.”

He wrote in his book that he modeled Vida Lauren Bacall, Demi Moore, Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s and his mother’s choreographer, scapegoat. And of course the co-stars hung out with real drag queens.

“Spending time with these men was incredibly eye-opening,” wrote Swayze. “Not only did they have an incredible sense of humor, but they also had incredible courage. It takes cojones to be exactly what you are, especially when it is so different from what society dictates for you. “

He was now sitting on the makeup chair at 4 a.m. and had to shave five times a day to control stubble.

And Jennifer Gray doesn’t have to feel bad. The tension between Swayze and Leguizamo was high. “Finally, completely fed up, I snapped, ‘Oh god! Would you just shut up?'” Swayze wrote.

“Patrick swings. And I swing. We both in Frederick’s of Hollywood,” Leguizamo wrote in Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends. “I wear hot pants. He’s wearing damn pumps … They break up before we can start pulling each other’s hair and scratching our eyes out. “