Just a few years away from his career at Butler University, the striker, then with the Utah Jazz, shot his shot and asked the youngest high school graduate Robyn to be his bride on Christmas Eve 2013. Married the following May, the Athlete – she was an eminent volleyball player at her Indiana High School – has consistently put together her own roster ever since.

son consequences joined daughters Bernie, 5, Charlie, 4 and Nora, Last September 2, when Gordon battled the Boston Celtics in the bubble. And although the duo from Charlotte have to play with all of their little ones, it hasn’t ruled out the possibility of gaining more teammates. “Bernie is sweet and gentle, Charlie always does things in her own time and beats her own drum, Nora makes sure Theo knows that she is the boss and is not afraid at all, and Theo is (until now) pretty undisturbed and relaxed. “she detailed in a December article. “This is what 4 kids under 5 look like (to us) … @gordonhayward do you want more kids?”