The trailer for Impeachment: American Crime Story has just been released, and suddenly it’s 1994 again.

In 90 seconds Feldstein cap, Clive Owen, Sarah Paulson, Edie Falco and more members of the ensemble cast manage to take the audience back to the time that made them Monica Lewinsky, who is a producer on the series, is a household name.

The trailer is just a sneak preview of what happened as President Bill Clinton has an affair with the intern at the White House. Front and center for everything is Linda Trippiwhose betrayal single-handedly sparked a chain of events that would go down in history.

There are also insights into Billy Eichner how Matt Drudge, Annaleigh Ashford to play Paula Jones and Cobie Smulders in the role of the controversial figure Ann Coulter. Falco is portrayed as emotional Hillary Clinton also as a reminder of the all-too-real impact Lewinsky’s and Clinton’s affairs and impeachment had on the nation.