Gwen Stefani I just posted some news that may disappoint Adam LevineNot to mention the other famous friends who are closely related to her and her fiancé Blake Shelton.

During her visit on Late Night Thursday April 22nd, the singer told “Rich Girl” the host Seth Meyers that while she would be honored to have that Maroon 5 Frontman perform at their upcoming wedding, the couple currently have no plans to throw a star-studded affair.

“I would definitely love to have Adam sing at our wedding, but you know the thing is, I have a feeling we won’t have a wedding ring,” shared Gwen. “I feel like it’s not us. I feel like we’re just making a playlist. We’re keeping it very simple – really simple.”

Seth then said he assumed this could be because the guest list will have “a lot of musicians”, which would put pressure on a wedding ring. But as it turned out, that wasn’t exactly why the couple got engaged in October.