Brielle Biermann is not here to see their looks from others.

The Don’t Be Tardy star took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, August 10th, to clap anyone who had something to say about how she looked. She made an example of a person who slipped into their DMs to make fun of their looks and said, “ALL of my friends (except Dani) have fake nails, fake hair, fake etc. You especially!”

She continued, “But kindly … fuck yourselves (haters) because I haven’t even touched my face other than a little botox for temporomandibular joint and lip filler … THAT ALL HAVE GONE NOW.”

Brielle wondered, “When does the stigma stop putting people down for self-improvement? If you could … wouldn’t you?”

Despite the rude message she receives, Brielle still has supporters. “Thanks for the kind comments I’ve read on all of my dms, love you guys,” she concluded her post before showing that she was at the Universal Orlando Resort.