We hope you’ve digested your mom’s spaghetti because we’ve got some casting news that are sure to make you bounce up and down.

Tuesday 17th August 50 cents confirmed that Eminem will have a guest role in his upcoming Starz drama BMF (aka Black Family Mafia). And unlike most of his appearances on TV and film, the rapper “Venom” won’t play himself, but Eminem (b Marshall Mathers) is supposed to play the former teenage FBI informant White boy Rick.

“Oh yes, I’ll bring the big dogs out,” 50 Cent announced on Instagram. “I couldn’t do a show in Detroit without including the legend @eminem. I got him to play white boy Rick in BMF, that shit is out of here.”

Of course, this isn’t Eminem’s first foray into acting as he starred Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. in 8 Mile. Since then, Real Slim Shady has played himself for cameos in Entourage, The Interview and Funny People.