Speaking of the Joker, Harley Quinn is better known as the sidekick of this legendary villain. She was invented by the creators of Batman: The Animated Series and has been a popular antihero in comics and films ever since.

Harley Quinn’s genesis is well known in the comics, but has yet to be clearly described in the film world. Elements of their backstory can be seen in The Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey of 2020. She starts out as a psychiatrist Harleen Frances Quinzel, treating patients in Arkham Asylum. During her assignment, she falls in love with the Joker’s convincing personality and becomes his criminal pal.

One could argue that Joker simply unlocked her true anti-establishment nature and helped her achieve self-actualization. Either way, she eventually breaks away from Mr. J in the new film and has become a symbol for women everywhere who choose to say “fuck the system” and hug their free spirits.

You can stream Birds of Prey or the fantastic emancipation of a Harley Quinn on HBO Max.