Writer, actress, and producer Issa Raes Insecure portrays black and brown women in a light that Hollywood doesn’t normally portray. The main characters Issa and Molly are allowed to be imperfect, and the ebb and flow of their flawed but formidable friendship is at the heart of the show.

Issa’s physical comedy contradicts the way society is supposed to perceive women: It’s clumsy, makes “unattractive” faces, and “doesn’t fit” average beauty standards. In addition, the casting of fat women like Natasha Rothwell, who plays best friend Kellie Prenny, breaks away from other tropes of the shared narrative “curvy character” by not focusing on her body image, but simply allowing her to be herself – a dynamic and fun character. In comedy especially, full-figured characters are usually there for comic book relief, but that’s never the case with Kellie.

Where to see: HBO max