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Are you looking for a career change? Would you like your current job to leave more time to enjoy a “vaporizable herb” all day? If that sounds like you, now is the time to apply for your dream job, a job that is about to happen Pay exactly $ 42,000 per year. Sounds like a good opportunity to be blunt. Here’s what you need to know about the job and how to apply.

What does the job include?

The position is at a company called Vaped, an ecommerce website that sells vaporizers, believes that “vaping is the best way to consume dry herb”. However, before they have a vaporizer on the site, a member of the vaped team tests and reviews each one – and it’s got to a point where someone else has to do the job.

This is where this job comes in. The successful applicant receives his vaporizer for free, tests his skills and, according to the job description, give input for:

  • Analysis of the functionality of the evaporator (e.g. size, steam generation, temperatures, etc.)
  • Product tests (e.g. how long does the battery last)
  • Instructions for use
  • How to clean and maintain the vaporizer
  • Compare with other similar units
  • Your personal feelings about the vaporizer
  • A video, description and photograph of each vaporizer

What are the benefits of the job?

In addition to the $ 42,000 salary and a ton of free vaporizers, the perks include three weeks of paid vacation, the ability to work remotely and schedule your own hours, and an “expense account” of $ 250 per month. To cough.

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What exactly does this expense account cover? In an email to Lifehacker, Vaped Founder and CEO Christian Sculthorp explains that the vaporizers they sell are designed to be used with any type of “vaporizable herb”.

“We specifically don’t recommend nicotine, but besides marijuana, other ‘dry herbs’ like potpourri, lavender, and chamomile are all suitable for use with our products,” he says, noting that buying marijuana products depends on your legality Country.

While Sculthorp says the vaporizers themselves (as in the devices) are legal in the United States, testers should only use the marijuana spending budget if they are in, or if they are in a state where marijuana smoking is legal that have proper medical marijuana license under their state’s laws.

“We just need to see how steam comes out of the evaporators for testing purposes. The exact type of herb vaped is up to them, ”he tells Lifehacker.

How do I apply?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old. While the position is currently open to people in the US, Canada and Australia, people in other parts of the world can apply, but “would have to comply with the laws of that country for products,” explains Sculthorp.

To apply, fill out this application form (Scroll until you hit it). It’s all about answering a few questions about your experience with vaporizers, software, and in front of the camera – along with the usual question of why you’re the right person for the job. Applications are accepted until the end of April. So if you are interested in the job, now is the time to get into it.