Matt James certainly has beautiful eyes, but The Bachelor viewers may see a little more of them than they might like.

One aspect of this season that is as inevitable as Matt’s incredibly good looks is the fact that he inexplicably keeps his eyes open while kissing the women that social media users have pointed out countless times. And it turns out that the man himself finds this quirk as strange as anyone else.

Matt was a guest on ACC Network’s In In Play hosting host on Tuesday, January 26th Kelsey Riggs and EJ Manuel I just had to ask what he was up to, getting a good look at his partner during those hickey spots.

“Dang, you all threw me under the bus, that’s crazy,” replied the reality TV star with a hearty laugh. “I guess I didn’t realize I was kissing each other with my eyes open until people videotaped me and I’ll watch it. I think, yo, what are you doing?”