The bachelor star Matt James knows when to whistle.

Matt was a guest on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday February 11th, where he played a game of “Truth or Drink” with the host Andy Cohen. On one of the questions, Andy wanted to know how the Bachelor really felt about polarizing candidates Victoria Larsonaka Queen Victoria.

“Matt, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you like Queen Victoria?” he asked about the former candidate who was known to have fights with the other women. This resulted in Matt staring silently straight into the camera as he picked up his drink and sipped something, which meant he wouldn’t answer the question.

“Ohh, wow!” Andy replied surprised. “Very good. Oh, exciting.”

However, as Matt continued to drink the cocktail, it became clear that he was either really thirsty or maybe he was trying to send an unspoken message. This was not lost on the host.

“Wow, he’s chugging,” remarked Andy. “He doesn’t want to answer that question that badly.” When he finally put his glass down, Matt seemed to be coughing slightly, suggesting that he may have consumed a little more of the drink than he himself had expected.

Matt had previously spoken about Victoria during his January 28 appearance on The Real. After a video went viral of Matt playing golf with others when a friend shamed Victoria, Matt told the show’s hosts that he did not “condone or stand for” bullying of any kind.