Candice Patton fights injustices both on and off the screen.

The actress, who portrays reporter Iris West on The CW’s The Flash, prides itself on portraying a character who always “fights for what is right”.

In her real life, Candice uses her platform to advocate better representation of black women in Hollywood. “I’ve never been a person who could keep my mouth closed for too long, especially when it comes to injustice,” she tells E! News for our “Ones to Watch” series during Black History Month.

She says she wants to make a difference in the entertainment industry, even if it feels “unsafe” to “push” for inclusivity.

Her role, which was originally white in the comics, has been reinterpreted as an African American for the small screen. But, Candice explains, casting a non-white actor is not good enough if you really want to make a difference.