Carly Waddell I wish she could post a photo on social media without any feedback about her body.

After returning home from her brother’s wedding in Florida, the 35-year-old Bachelor in Paradise shared an Instagram picture of herself on Wednesday, February 24. The mother of two wrote the recording before training: “Ok, ok, vacation over.” … move your body, stop eating sweets … “

Some of their supporters responded to the post with critical remarks. One person wrote, “This is exactly why we normal girls are scared. What part of you needs to stop eating candy?”

Another user commented: “Diet no !! Thin enough.” A third person added, “Looks very thin, Carly.”

This was cited by the former undergraduate candidate who confirmed her separation from her husband Evan Bass in December to go to her Instagram story and share some thoughts.

“OK, I’m going to step into a soap box for a minute – take it with me,” she said. “In no way is stopping candy a diet item. This is super weird, so the people who say this make no sense. Candy is not healthy for you at all.”