Moira Rose would be so proud!

Schitt’s Creek Star Catherine O’Hara won the award for best actress in a comedy or musical at the 2021 Golden Globes. And believe it or not, it was her very first win at the Globes for her iconic twist as the matriarch of the Rose family in popular pop TV series.

And of course she held her acceptance speech with a martini in hand.

“Thank you thank you!” O’Hara gushed as she practically received her awards before saying she was “happy and earnestly indebted” to her on-screen husband and son. Eugene and Daniel Levywho created Schitt’s Creek.

“From day one, they treated me as if something like this could happen!” She said. “You wrote an inspiring, fun, beautiful family love story in which I was allowed to wear a hundred wigs and speak like an alien. From the first reading through, where no one had to fake a laugh, to the last day on the set, everyone except me , had to hold back her tears. It is an experience that will forever be dear to my heart and I am proud to be part of her family. “