Charlize Theron had a bombshell birthday party.

More specifically, the Oscar winner’s greatest wish came true on her 46th birthday when she celebrated her special day with an 80s-style crime party. Of course, the epic celebration was documented on Instagram, which featured behind-the-scenes photos of her permed hair and the gorgeous costumes of her friends.

“Well, I never had to go to prom, but this year my friends decided to change that for my birthday,” Charlize captioned her post on Saturday, August 7th. “I love these people more than words can describe. Only they can know that an 80s prom crime thriller on a boat is my literal dream birthday. What a family, what a night. “

For the special occasion, Charlize dressed in a pink t-shirt, headband, sweatband and pearl necklaces.

In another Instagram pic, the “birthday girl” shared a picture of herself on a boat while her bright pink shirt was reading. She seemed to be admiring the water while holding a glass of white wine. Staying on the ’80s theme, she rocked purple mesh gloves and brightly colored pearl necklaces.