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There are enough of Plant care techniques the growers help make bigger profits, like cables and screen of green nets that help plants grow taller and get more sun. And of course there is pruning, which is the pruning of a plant to the right size to encourage new, fuller growth. However, a similar process is known as “deadheading,” and uses pruning to encourage increased (and longer) blooming of flowers. Here’s how to dispose of your flowers for better bloom.

What is deadheading?

When a plant blooms, it spends a tremendous amount of energy producing its seeds and less in new leaves for new flowers. Deadheading removes dying (or dead) flowers and seed pods to redirect the plants’ energy and focus on their fresh buds. Removing the expired pod signals the plant to produce more leaves and flowers for the season.

What is blooming for the deadhead and when to do it?

Deadheading works best on annual flowers because they bloom once a year and then have to be replanted for the following season. Cutting off the dead ends will help them bloom fuller and longer so you can enjoy the beautiful flowers during their full bloom period. At the same time dead perennial flowers redirects energy to the parent system for higher yields once they return in the following season.

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When to start pruning your flowers will depend on the type of plant, but in general pruning can start as soon as you see a flower fade. This dying flower means the plant is working overtime to sow that flower before it dies, and all of that energy could be used for new growth. This process can take place for the duration of the growing season, as long as you want to see the flowers bloom.

Household product supplier Fiskars recommends leaving some flowers a little longer to provide nutrients for the wildlife (and some still look pretty even after they’re on their way outside). For flowers with multiple bulbs on one stem, you should wait until 70% of the flowers are dead before you hack it.

How to make flowers dead

Most flowers can be dead with two fingers to break off the dead head just before the green leaves below. However, you should be careful not to break off new buds because these are the flowers that you will soon enjoy when the dead buds are gone. Of course, some plant stems are stiffer and too hard for just two fingers, so you need to Secateurs to cut the withered flowers at the nearest leaf base for harder plants. Continue this process for the entire garden, making sure to break off or cut off all of the dead seed pod, and not just the dead petals, to ensure that the plant’s energy is focused on the new buds.