When Dylan Farrow went public years ago with claims that her adoptive father and Oscar-winning filmmaker Woody Allen molested her as a child, many people expressed disbelief.

In an interview published by ELLE on Wednesday February 10, the 35-year-old, one of the directors and ex Mia Farrow‘s adopted children said his fans attacked Twitter and that she was lying or brainwashed.

“This is something I’m literally telling you happened to me. Who are you that says, ‘No, didn’t it’? I was there, you weren’t. Go away,” Dylan told the magazine. “It’s crazy that for some people the idea that I’ve been brainwashed is somehow easier to swallow than child sexual abuse.”

In 1992, Mia was in the middle of a custody battle with Woody and accused him during the trial of molesting then 7-year-old Dylan. The director has never been arrested or prosecuted, and has repeatedly denied the allegations the former couple’s daughter wrote about herself in a 2014 article published by the New York Times. Dylan later reiterated her claims in a 2017 Los Angeles Times statement and in an emotional CBS This Morning interview in 2018.