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Ever since I interviewed food journalist Alicia Kennedy their daily eating habitsI longed for tomato toast, a decidedly summery treat that feels unattainable in mid-February. Big, juicy tomatoes are currently out of season – but they are tiny tomatoes (like cherry or grape) are juicy, sweet, and easy to find year-round. Luckily they make a fantastic tomato toast.

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Like its big tomato brothers, the tiny tomato toast is a bright, cheerful dish that is perfect for breathing life into a cold, gray morning or a rainy lunch break. You can keep it simple – with grated tomatoes, olive oil and flake salt – or you can grate the tomatoes on a creamy surface: cream cheese, labneh, whipped cottage cheeseor avocado. I like to keep the layer of creamy things pretty thin; You want just enough to create a hydrophobic layer between the tomatoes and the toast so that the juices from the former don’t seep into the bread and make it moist.

When it comes to toppings, salt is usually plentiful, but I’ve been looking into it lately Chili oil, air-fried ginger, and spring onions. Lemon peel, za’atar, sumac, all bagel spice, Your favorite vinegar and very finely grated cheese are all possible options; Remember, the tomatoes are the star. Leave space for them to shine.

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The only downside to grating tiny tomatoes is that you don’t have to hold on tightly when grating, but I – a very clumsy person – didn’t have any glitches. Hold the fruit by one end of its elongated body (or grab the stem, if you have it), then rub it over the toast, dropping the seeds, gel, and juicy pulp until you form a small knot of shattered skin have meat. Throw that on the toast too. (Make sure you use a grater with large holes, not a microplate.) Add your seasonings and any finishing touches you want and chew down.