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Supporting black businesses can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, several apps have tried to fix this, making it easier for you to find both commonly used and unique items that you need – all from Black business owners.

Official Black Wall Street

The Official black wall The Street App pays homage to the all-black Tulsa, Oklahoma community that was burned to the ground by white supremacists in the 1920s. The app continues the legacy of black commerce by compiling a directory of black businesses from across the country and using location technology to find businesses near you.

We buy black

We buy black is called “Black Amazon” and offers users everyday products – from detergents and toothpaste to books and shoes – made by black companies. The website’s simple layout and neat categories make shopping so convenient that you’ll wonder if you even need Amazon.

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With us

While the other apps are for US companies, With us offers a global list of BIPOC, women and LGBTQIA owned companies to choose from. The app is updated every week with new entries provided by consumers and other business owners. The website is beautiful, with vivid images, and proudly displays its vision of inclusivity for business success. You can search by categories like music and culture, ally approved people, health and wellness, and even job opportunities. If you feel like surfing, the recommendations section is a useful tool.

Originally published in 2017 and updated February 04, 2021 with new recommendations.